Jägermeister: Reach for the Darkness



Halloween once was the darkest of holidays. But in recent years, the scariest thing about it was the utter lack of imagination. Jägermeister wasn’t just going to let their favorite holiday continue to be another monster mash of bros and half-naked nurses. We needed to bring back the darkness. We kicked off our digitally-led campaign on social media and took it to bars and stores, encouraging our target audience to bring back the darkness. We set out to make Jägermeister synonymous with Halloween and rightfully reclaim it as the darkest day of the year.


Jägermeister didn’t just embrace the darkness, it had America reaching for it. Earning 33 million impressions, Jägermeister exceeded benchmarks across the board. We tripled Shazam’s average engagement with an entry rate of 3.3% and earned an average engagement of over 7 minutes. In under 48 hours, Jägermeister was able to reach a new audience of 242K viewers from our prank and inspired thousands of comments. This resulted in doubling unaided awareness of the brand from the previous year. We brought back the darkness to Halloween and made history in the process as the first brand to launch an influencer campaign on Facebook LIVE.

By "Shazaming" (Jägermeister's logo, users were driven to a branded portal full of dark content, featuring everything from a witch house-inspired playlist that broke listen-time records on Shazam, to Dark party cocktails, and even a redefined version of "Trick or Treat". Users were also encouraged to "Shazam the Stag" in different locations in order to unlock more entries into a Dark sweepstakes for a chance to win a Dark Party Kit. The majority of users who Shazamed the Stag did so multiple times. 

On social media, Jägermeister highlighted their dark aesthetic to help educate their audience on what a #Jagerhalloween was like. These posts encouraged our audience to join the movement by sharing what their dark halloween looked like. Compared to Jagermeister's always-on content, #Jagerhalloween content saw 38.5% higher engagement.