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For many students, learning about the Periodic Table has never been something to sing about. So to promote #NationalChemistryWeek, we created a series of animated music videos to celebrate this fundamental scientific tool and inspire the next generation of chemists.

From a classical performance by the Noble Gases to a punk tribute by the Halogens, various elements of the Periodic Table were assigned a distinct genre, style, and lyrics for each day of the week.

Utilizing stop-motion and 3D printed props, we turned every set into a stage and dominated the conversation on Twitter. Earning almost a million impressions in two days and the highest engagement Chemours has ever received.

Agency: Ogilvy, New York,

Group Creative Director: John Long

Creative Director: Bastien Baumann

Art Director: Leslie Diez

Copywriter / Lyricist: Reid Masimore

Director: Sam Sulam

Lead Designer / Animator: Weston Doty

Designer: Robyn Makinson


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