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As the leader of the pack in terms of luxury SUVs,  the GLS begs to be seen in 360. So we decided to do just that along side Kelly Lund and his famous wolf dog: Loki.

Thanksgiving is the season for giving, so I thought of giving "the best or nothing" in the form of a five-star Thanksgiving meal with an award-winning chef.

We followed famed Boston chef Chris Coombs from Cape Cod cranberry bogs to a local oyster bay, and even got our hands dirty foraging for fresh morels.
Each ingredient culminated in an epic meal catered for Boston's finest journalists and influencers. Press:

We then extended the campaign through out social media. From a photo pass on Instagram to recipes on Pinterest, we served up content across every social platform.

I came up with headlines for most of the vehicles on the Mercedes-Benz website as well as translate and explain the latest models fresh out of Stuttgart. 

Future Vehicle webpage:

I also wrote daily content across all social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest, you name it.  I specifically was the channel manager for Instagram and wrote 4 posts every day for months, resulting in both the highest engagement and the milestone of reaching one million followers.

Some of my one-off posts even received press from E! News.

Agency: Razorfish

Client: Mercedes-Benz

Associate Creative Director: Wayne Everett

Copywriter: Reid Masimore 

Designer: Ben Loh